How Resistant Is Composite Decking To The Outside Elements?

Summertime highs often exceed 30 degrees, but winters are typically quite chilly and damp. Those who reside in Illinois are likely aware of this problem, which may lead to annual costs of several hundred dollars in treatment and repainting for a wooden deck.

Standard wood decking cannot endure these temperatures for lengthy periods of time, much alone add the wet weather. Wet wood swells and bows, and frozen wood may fracture, so it’s important to keep moisture out of your building materials. Because of this, the wood may lose its natural color or get bleached over the summer months.

Let’s Define Composite Decking.

Wood fibers are enclosed in plastic to create composite decking, which is also known as composite wood decking. Modern manufacturing techniques have allowed for the creation of composites with the sophisticated appearance of wood. The composites are designed to last and perform reliably even in severe climates.

Decking Material: Composite or Wood?

It’s true that conventional hardwood decks have been around for a while, but there are several ways in which composite decking Chicago may outperform them. You can count on the quality and durability of composite decking for up to twenty years.


In the past, we’ve discussed how high cost of maintenance and repairs for conventional wooden decks is. To keep a wooden deck in good condition for as long as possible, it is necessary to treat the wood and paint it on a regular basis to keep it from rotting due to water. Composite decking Chicago, on the other hand, is easy to manage and maintain since all you have to do is wash or sweep them to keep the deck looking great.

Insects Cause Wood Damage

When it comes to your wooden deck, the most frequent enemy is termites, but there are many other insect pests that may do just as much damage. Insects that devour wood can’t harm composite decking as they can wood.

Sun Protection

To prevent their colors from being bleached or fading in the sun, some of the produced boards are UV-resistant. Composite decking Chicago gets its color from the addition of pigments to the mixture of wood flour and resin during production. After the polymer cap is put in, the composite decking is protected from the sun’s rays.

Composite Decking Does Not Rot

Because of its porous structure, wood rots, and decking bows easily when exposed to water. Composite decking is constructed in a consistent manner, and its moisture-resistant boards are covered with a protective layer of polymer sleeve.

Green algae, which is unsightly and grows easily on conventional wood decks, is a typical problem. You won’t have to worry about that happening at any time with composite decking, and it will retain its beauty for over 20 years.

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