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One of the Many Benefits of Composite Decking Is Its Versatility

When the phrase composite decking Chicago is discussed, one immediately thinks of how it is utilized to create beautiful outdoor living areas. Even though composite decking is most typically utilized as a decking surface material, that use merely scrapes the surface of its possibilities.

Cladding With Composite Decking

If you’re searching for a creative approach to connect an outdoor living area to the rest of a house or business property, try utilizing composite decking as cladding. In this use, composite decking fiberon Chicago is referred to as “open-joint cladding,” and it has a sturdy hardwood appearance akin to mahogany cladding. In certain cases, composite decking may be a more cost-effective solution than high-end materials such as stone.

The use of composite decking as cladding provides another degree of versatility to the project according to composite deck builders Chicago. It is very useful when paired with other siding materials to produce popular multi-textured facades; open-joint cladding on one wall or section.

Make More Eye-Catching Planter Boxes

Homeowners developing their own gardens, including raised planter beds, is one of the most popular outdoor living fads. The use of composite decking boards contributes to the creation of planter boxes that are resistant to decay, splintering, and cracking. Unlike conventional wood planter boxes, composite decking planter boxes complement the aesthetic and design of your deck.

Create Beautiful Pathways

Composite decking planks are an excellent choice for pathways. The boards are not only long-lasting, but they also capture the beauty of nature, which is guaranteed to captivate the attention of everyone walking on them. Certain fiberon composite decking Chicago products have benefits built in for this sort of use.

Decks For Hot Tubs

Many outdoor living areas serve as calming havens where individuals may get away from the stresses of everyday life. It’s one of the reasons why hot tubs are often the focal point of backyard decks. If you want to make the hot tub area more attractive, composite decking may assist you. You may build a deck around or below the hot tub using trex composite decking Chicago planks, providing you with many design options.

Traditional wood decking requires a lot of care and frequent upkeep with a hot tub to help avoid rot and warping. When the material on a hot tub deck needs cleaning, composite decking planks are more resilient and much simpler to clean.

Make the Most of Your Composite Decking

Choose ANR Composite Decking if you don’t want to skimp on the quality of composite decking for your next project. Our composite deck installer Chicago has composite decking choices to suit practically any style and budget. Contact our deck builders Chicago now to see how we can assist you in making your idea a reality.